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Bowls, or lawn bowling as it is known, is a sport that men and women of all ages can play together on an equal basis. Physical strength plays a small part in this game. Skill and strategy are the real factors.

Members enjoy competing in tournaments hosted by our club and at other clubs around the state as well. For social bowls (mixed), teams are 2, 3 or 4 people. Since there are no set teams, you are not obligated to be there every day.

One of the best things about lawn bowling is it doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment. All you need is a pair of flat soled shoes, and you're on your way. We will provide everything else you need to get you started off on the right foot.

We welcome all visitors, so why not drop by see how the game is played! Map.

2019 Open Houses

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Sundays at 10am
January 20th
February 17th
March 17th

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Upcoming Events


2019 Clearwater SED Season Opener

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Chris Daniels, Ross Weir and Julie Hudson .

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Ross, June Paciga and Pauline McKinnon

The weather was perfect for our November 28th Season Opener and the turnout was very good. Chris Daniels and Julie Hudson both from England were in first place and they were 3 game winners and 49 points. Pauline McKinnon and June Paciga getting the runners up spot with 3 wins and 42 points Dave Murry and Kathy Mills were the best two game winners with 44 points.

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Ede MacWilliams Triples Invitational, February 3, 2018

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The Ede Macwilliams mixed triples a SED tournament went to Barb Roller lead, Ron Ridley vice and skip Burl Roller. They were 3 game winners with 45 points. This is the second triples win of the season for the Clearwater team.

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Second place went to On Top of the World team Dave Murray lead, Kathy Mills Vice and Sandy Wall Skip. They were the best team with two wins and scored 47 points.

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OTOTW Team were the third placed team with 2 wins and 43 points. There exciting final game against Burl Rollers team went to the final end and decided the tournament. Art Alan was lead, Loeki Roos was vice and skipped by Willie Roos, Willie and his wife are visitors from South Africa well played.

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Clearwater Mixed Triples Invitational, January 27, 2018

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The first mixed triples tournament of the season on Jan 27th and 14 teams competed in a great day of bowling. Clearwater team Barb Roller, Ron Ridley and Skip Burl Roller were the only 3 game winners with 50 points and got the win.

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Sun City bowlers Larry Johnson, Bob Fladung and Skip Cindy Higgins were the best two game winners with 42 points, this was Larrys first time playing on Rubico and said he enjoyed it and will be here again.

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3rd place wentt to Clearwater/OTOTW Rick Carr, Betty McWhirter and Skip Pauline McKinnon, they were also two game winners with 40 points.

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Clearwater 4-3-2-1 Tournament, January 23, 2018

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The tournament got underway on Tuesday and round two was played Thursday the 25th. Winner, Duncan Farrell won three games and had 271 points, this was the second year in a row he won the tournament.

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A close second place went to Ron Ridley Ron had 268 points and had three wins also.

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Dave Tripp was placed third in his first tournament of the season. He also won three games and gained 245 points. .

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Clearwater Open Pairs Tournament, January 13, 2018

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Debbie Foster and Gary Watts regular players at our club came out on top winning all their 3 games with a total of 52 points.

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Second place went to Tom Barratt and Bob Laplante with 44 points well done guys it is the second time this year they have finished in the top three.

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In third place was Carman Morris and Mo Boudreau. They also had three wins and 35 points.

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2017/2018 Club Singles Championship, January 9, 2018

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Ron Ridley won all 4 games with 84 points and was the only 4 game winner to claim his first club championship for 2018.

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Second place went to Linda Tripp who played great and she was the best 3 game winner with 75 points.

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Last years champion Duncan Farrell was also a three game winner with 72 points well done Duncan.

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Florida Senior Games, December 7, 2017

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Gold medals went to 3 game winners Debbie Foster (vice) and Pat Beggs (skip) " they bowled great as they usually do" both bowl at the Sarasota Club.

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Silver Medals went to Pauline McKinnon (skip) and Betty McWhirter (vice). Both ladies are also 3 game winners bowl at the Clearwater club.

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Tom Barrett and Bob Leplante won the bronze medals. These two great bowlers play at the On Top of the World bowling club.

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2018 Clearwater SED Season Opener

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Pauline McKinnon and Ron Ridley paired up to play for the first time together and won the tournament winning all three games playing for Clearwater.

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Second place with 3 wins and from Sarasota were Debbie Foster and Garry Watts.

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3rd place went to another Clearwater team with two wins Barb and Burl Roller.

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About the Clearwater Lawn Bowls Club

Clearwater Beach is rated among the top five beaches in the USA and has lured countless families and couples to its broad, sandy shores and beachfront hotels. Spread along a narrow, 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach straddles the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and tranquil Tampa Bay to the east. Visitors enjoy sunbathing on white sandy beaches, diving into a game of beach volleyball, renting fishing boats, taking a dolphin-watching cruise, parasailing or heading to a mainland museum or aquarium.


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We are located 1.5 miles north of downtown Clearwater on ALT 19 at 1040 Calumet Street (map) where there are ample parking facilities adjacent to the club. Daily bowling starts at 9:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Arrive before 9:15 AM to check-in for the draw. Flat smooth soled, heel-less shoes are mandatory for all bowling.

Our facility includes a spacious, fully equipped clubhouse that is available to rent by organizations that require a place to hold their events. We have a full calendar that caters for competitive bowlers and social bowlers. We also host open tournaments for those that like to compete against players from other clubs.

Visitors and spectators are welcome. Lessons and bowls are available to new bowlers, free of charge.


Annual: $185.00 (Southeast Division dues extra), Juniors $25.00, Social $25.00
Monthly: $65.00
Daily: $8.00 (Bowls Rental Fee $1.00 per day)

All participants in Southeast Division Tournaments must be a member of Bowls USA and the Southeast Division (if resident in the Southeast Division for more than 30 days).Residents of less than 30 days must be a member of Bowls USA or World Bowls.

Meet our Seven Bowls USA 'Hall of Fame' Inductees     pdf (1K)

CLBC Executives and Commmittee Chairs

President: Ross Weir
Vice President: Bruce Miller
Secretary: Alice Dunkley
Treasurer: Larry Hanks
Grounds: Duncan Farrell
Hospitality: June Paciga, Mary Farrell
Greens: Ronald Ridley
Tournaments: Ross Weir
Keys: Bruce Miller
City Liaison: Bruce Miller
SED Delegates: Burl Roller & Barb Roller
Facebook: Ron Ridley
Trophies: Bruce Miller
Web Site: Garry Higgins


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Clearwater Lawn Bowls Club
1040 Calumet Street (map)
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Email the Club ()


The Game

How to Play - An Overview

Description of the game
Lawn bowls is an outdoor game in which a ball (known as a bowl) is rolled toward a smaller stationary ball, called a jack. The object is to roll your bowls so that they come to rest nearer to the jack than those of an opponent; this is sometimes achieved by knocking aside an opponent's bowl or the jack. The bowls are not exactly symmetrical- one side is more rounded than the other, causing the bowl to curve to one side as it slows down. This is referred to as the "bias" of the bowl.

The game takes place on a 120 ft. square of closely cut grass called a green. A green is divided into rinks 14-16 ft. wide, generally 8 rinks to a green.
Four types of games can be played:

scclbc-6 (5K) To begin play, a jack is rolled to the opposite end of the rink, and it becomes the target so long as it stops at least 21 meters (68' 10") from the delivery mat. In singles and pairs (doubles) games, each player uses four bowls; in triples each player uses three bowls and in fours each player uses two bowls.

Each player's bowls are distinguished by a design on the side; no two sets of bowls in the world has the same design. Players take turns delivering their bowls. When all bowls have been delivered by both teams, an "end" has been played. Before play begins, the number of ends to be played is decided, 10, 12 or 14 being the most common.

In scoring, each of the bowls of one team nearer the jack at the finish of an end than the nearest bowl of the opposing team counts for one point. The team with the highest number of points at the completion of the specified number of ends is the winner. A game generally lasts about two hours.

Personal Equipment
Shoes: When you become a more serious and regular member, you will want to have a pair of specific bowling shoes. But for all beginners, and many others, all you need is a pair of smooth soled shoes so that you do not mark the green. Tennis shoes, for example, are ideal, as are many walking shoes. If you are buying a new pair, choose white ones so that you don't need a separate pair for white days. As a real newcomer, this is the only must-have equipment item.

Clothing: All white, or cream, clothing is required for tournaments, or matching club shirts. This helps preserve the old traditions of the game - though, of course, many of us wear shorts in summer (even for tournaments) which the old Scots never would have done. On all other occasions, any comfortable clothing will suffice. Because of the heat and glare, a hat or visor is definitely a necessity for most bowlers in many parts of the USA.

Bowls: For beginners and visitors, our club maintain a stock of bowls you may borrow (or rent). But as you play more regularly, you will want your own personal set that you can enjoy, maintain and roll predictably. Each set of four has a unique logo or pattern on them so you can identify your own in any game. One set of bowls will last you ten or more years with just the basics of maintenance and proper storage in their carry case.

Measure/Chalk: Special tape measures exist for bowling to resolve those close calls, as well as spray chalk to mark bowls that touched the jack. Keep these in your pocket, especially when you are playing Vice.

Name Badge: All members of the club are issued personal name badges. Most of us wear them on our hats or visors. While we might know you well, this does help newcomers and visiting club players to get your name right.

Club Equipment
Jack: That little white ball we roll first and spend all our efforts chasing thereafter. Mat: The starting point for every roll of a bowl.

Markers: These vary from club to club, but they are generally white or yellow to mark the boundaries and center of rinks in use that day.

Scoreboard: Traditional as it is, we all enjoy putting the scores up on old-fashioned chalk blackboards.

The Green: The playing surface itself is carefully maintained in all cases. Please always treat the green surface with the utmost care.

Lessons and bowls are available to new bowlers, free of charge.